What a Soul is and How It Understands Its Human Lives

What a Soul Is and How It Understands Its Human Lives

This page contains an overview of the model of soul I’ve channeled from the ascended master I work with, Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin, Hermes). He shared it with me when I asked years ago about the relationship of soul to a person’s astrology chart, yet it has served me well as I branched out into mediumship (working with the spirits of the dead) and added energy work and other-life/Akashic readings to my client work.

The story is that God/Goddess, or All That Is, was in perfectly fine shape. Omnipotent and all-loving, everything was great … except for one problem: It didn’t have any perspective on itself. It realized that it couldn’t know itself because it was united and whole. The decision was made to split off temporarily into separate-seeming slivers – souls – so that they could interact with each other and, thereby, learn about themselves. Through their learning, All That Is as a whole would learn about itself.

Each of these slivers is still all-loving and still Divine. Each one gets itself embodied on Earth through what is termed an “eruption” into the time-space dimension, the one in which Earth exists. We call each of these eruptions a birth.

At birth, each being acutely feels separate and alone, forgetting his or her true nature as a soul. This is by design. The success of what is called the “manifestation experiment” (souls being embodied in order to learn what it means to be embodied) hinges upon the humans and animals forgetting their true nature as slivers of All That Is: A baby is born, fear begins, and a life-long process of learning about love, safety, and support begins, too.

As the soul knows it is the Divine, or a portion of All That Is/Goddess/God, it does not fear. It is not wounded and cannot be wounded. It watches its many human (and animal) lives, learning through the choices the embodied being makes as well as the results and ramifications of those choices. In this process your soul makes no judgments – no matter what you do, why you do it, how often you do it, or how it might hurt you or others. Each soul, as part of Goddess/God consciousness, understands that the path of the human must involve all manner of choices, experiences, and feelings in order to fully learn what it means and is like to live as a human.

Now, there is a goal that each soul has for its human lives. But if a human doesn’t meet this goal, it’s accepted as part of the process and the soul observes many of its human lifetimes spread out over the Earth timeline to see what will be chosen. The goal is to learn to go from fear into love.

Remember that the human has at birth forgotten that his or her true nature is as a loving, Divine, connected-to-Goddess/God soul. The human needs to be taken care of, and it is often true that what the human as a child needs to feel safe and loved might not be fully met by the family or others who care for him or her. It’s expected by soul that the human child might not always feel loved, validated, supported, and safe in the ways that he or she needs. This is because the mission the soul sets out for each and every one of its human lives is to find the self in fear, pain, or related emotion and learn to make choices based in love compassion, acceptance, and related emotions. This challenge is the blueprint of each human life the soul lives: Go into fear, be in fear, try to figure out where love comes from.

And so the soul is watching what the human will do. Will she give others the benefit of the doubt? Will he judge those who hurt him? Will she resent herself for making what appear to be mistakes? Will he learn over time to be kinder to self and other, allowing that he and they are learning as they go?

Again, your soul judges nothing that you do. Many humans have a conception of a god who judges and punishes, or holds humans up to impossible standards of perfection. Or one who is ready to throw the human’s soul after death into a torture chamber if the person doesn’t punish him- or herself enough when alive just for being human and needing to learn how to be human. Your soul does not operate according to Earth religions’ fears and judgments! Your soul gets nothing out of you judging and shaming yourself except learning from observing you what it feels like to judge and shame yourself.

And, frankly, it doesn’t care! It will always respect your choices. It learns from your choices and experiences when you embrace fear as well as when you embrace love. But your quality of life can be improved significantly through learning to move into motivations based in loving energies, and you get through a lot of junk and debris accumulated through experience as a human when you do. Once you’re practiced at approaching yourself, others, and the world through a lens of loving acceptance, you cease attracting and cocreating much of the suffering that makes life seem and feel unbearable in the first place.

Some people I’ve worked with are disappointed with this model of soul. They had hoped to find out that their souls are championing them, or will come in and save them from suffering and poor choices. But your soul is neutral in a way: It knows that among all the many lifetimes it is living spread out along the Earth timeline, all possible human experiences will be covered at some point and in some way, and so it is guaranteed to learn from all these people what it’s like to be embodied on this planet.

An important part of this teaching is that no one will save you from your experiences or feelings, but this isn’t bad news. It means that as you are already a portion of the Divine, you have the ability to bring loving compassion, understanding, and kindness with you as you live your life on Earth. If you are someone who is bummed at the idea that there’s no one to save you from yourself or your choices, please be willing to adapt to a new view on who and what you are: You are a soul, a portion of Goddess/God, and you have the power to bring light and love to shadow and pain. To do this you have to remember that you’re not your pain or your shadows, and that can take some deconditioning and practice.

But, as stated above, it’s likely that you have not been taught how to do so. As you continue reading these pages, I intend to share with you more about how to do that.

In a way, then, your human self, ego, personality, and emotional self are nodes on a network, feeding back important information to Goddess/God/All That Is about what it gets itself born to learn. You can also think of yourself as a data gathering tool, providing All That Is (all of us together) what it needs to evolve. Sometimes this way of explaining it can make it seem like a person is unimportant, but that’s not it at all! Each of us is necessary to this long-term learning journey we’re all on.

But we don’t often think that we’re in this life thing together, which we most certainly are.

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