I’ve created this site to offer perspectives on suicide and soul that my clients and students have found helpful over the years. Much of my work as an astrologer, medium, channel, and healer has called for working with disembodied beings to gain views on various topics that are outside the normal scope of our human minds’ understanding. In other words, to get info that can help me and others get out of ruts caused by our minds, I’ve reached out often to beings who have teachings meant to help us heal and evolve.

When I opened to ask questions of these helpers, it was because I was hearing and feeling strongly some parts of me who were in enough pain and anger that suicide seemed a good option. This inner dialogue began when I was a teenager and began wondering if life is at all worth living, but I had an intuitive, gut-level certainty that I could not kill myself. Deep down, I knew that it never accomplished its goal (escaping what we are feeling or experiencing – ending a cycle of pain and hopelessness), and that you’d just have to come back in another life to deal with those feelings as well as having done violence to yourself.

Reincarnation and karma were not on my radar then – this was just a gut-level knowing. In time, I understood that I must have killed myself in other lifetimes, and eventually I began having access to memories from some of those other lifetimes where that me was in so much pain or anguish that he or she couldn’t see a way out. I also began feeling wounds on my wrists when I felt scared and weak, which I understand as scars in my energy field from a life in which that is how I ended my life.

All of this to say that I have felt suicidal quite often in my life, while knowing it is not an option for me. That means that I’ve felt trapped on Earth, in this body with all of this pain, anger, and grief, for large portions of my life. All the while, I heard of others taking their lives (and knew some people who’ve done it, too) periodically – kind of often, actually, but I admit to being attuned to it so I might at times exaggerate how often I’ve heard about it. Since beginning the spiritual teaching and counseling work I do in 2004, I’ve sought to teach people how to deal with pain, suffering, despair, hopelessness, and anguish, but really I’ve worked to develop teachings to help people understand their emotions. I believe strongly that when we understand where our pain comes from (this is a wonderful benefit of evolutionary astrology) and learn how to ground, hold space for, and manage our difficult emotions, we can understand suicide as something that seems like a good idea at the time but perhaps isn’t the right option in the long (multilife, karmic) run.

The purpose of this site is to offer you information. All of it is written with the intention to teach you about soul, reincarnation, karma, and how suicide fits into the multilife human journey. You will find no judgments here, only a sincere offering meant to help you understand more about what you or others might be going through and how to learn to work through it in healing, whole-making ways so that you can see the feeling of being left with no options isn’t a truth, but a perception arrived at through logic. But that logic belongs to your mind, and this site presents teachings about truths beyond the scope of what the human mind typically works with and considers truth.

While I have no judgments here, I do have a bias when it comes to suicide: Your soul has gotten itself born as you for a reason. As you will read in these pages, it’s always a good reason, one centered in an opportunity to grow through a wide variety of human experiences. As all human life involves pain – but not all human paths teach us how to understand and deal with pain – suicide, in fact, cuts off learning opportunities.

A main motivation I have for creating this site is to help you understand that what you will go through in the orientation process after you die can be approached and navigated while you are alive. In other words, killing yourself will not end pain or cause difficult, awful things from happening to you. It will cause some version of violence to yourself, and you will have to deal with this later both in orientation between lives (explained in detail below) and in other lives. In those lives, you will carry memories of hopelessness and futility, and it can make it harder for you to deal with what’s in front of you in effective ways if you have a voice calling for ending it all chiming in often.

It is my hope that you learn more about dealing with difficult (and the worst) human experiences and emotions and opt to stay here, to participate with your soul-human family, giving yourself and the rest of us a chance to learn what we came here to learn. As you’ll explore on this site, we’re all in this human trip together: Here to learn about what it means, costs, and feels like to be human.

Some of the material on this site may seem more philosophical than what you might expect to find on a suicide prevention website, but that’s the groove I’m in. For me to truly understand something deep and intense, I need a big picture in which to contextualize things. I need to understand the biggest “whys” and then make it practical so I can improve my life.

The original “Healing Suicide” is a channeling from Ascended Master Djehuty from 2014. The audio is posted as a YouTube video (68 minutes) and I offer the audio with the PDF transcription on the Resources page.

I hope you find this information useful.

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Tom Jacobs
Tucson, AZ
June 11, 2018

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