About Tom Jacobs

I’m an evolutionary astrologer, energy tomvanworker, and channel supporting people in coming out of pain and powerlessness and into acceptance, compassion, and empowerment.

I combine advanced evolutionary astrology, the chakra system, symbolic sight, and information from your spirit guides, an ascended master, and an archangel. The commitment uniting all of my work is to reveal to you your soul’s intentions for your human life and provide whatever tools I can to help you live in more alignment with those intentions. When you do live in this way, you get closer to and live with the wisdom of soul, enabling you to do what your soul has you on Earth to do.

My writing has appeared in Dell Horoscope Magazine, Aspects Magazine and InnerChange Magazine, and over a dozen of my books are available on Amazon and Kindle. My book Lilith: Healing The Wild is praised by readers as positive, life-affirming, and useful for healing the deep issues related to life with Lilith. The True Black Moon Lilith Natal Report (published by Astrolabe) based on it is helping people get to know the archetype and heal the wild feminine within.

Each month I produce in-depth astrological analyses in a monthly subscription service, while the podcast of my radio show The Soul’s Journey: Astrology and Channeling with Tom Jacobs (2012-2015) reached a monthly subscription base of over 650,000 in under 3 years. I’m currently producing new audio as well as adding the archive of The Soul’s Journey to SoundCloud.

Because of my commitment to support you in your evolution, when you work with me you will likely encounter perspectives that challenge your habits and preferences. Whether from your spirit guides or the ascended master or archangel I channel, you may receive guidance and suggestions that invite you to step out of your comfort zone and take on some serious healing work. I will not deliver a vague reassurance that everything will be fine. Instead, I will teach you to empower yourself to take charge of your life.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from The College of Wooster, and am a Level II graduate of Steven Forrest’s apprenticeship program (a member since 2004). I’m also a writer of satire, absurd fiction, erotica, and poetry, at times a musician, and at other times a crafty linocut artist.

What people are saying:

“Tom has unified the art of healing with Astrology. He has the ability to divinely meet me on my path of evolution and always leads me to a place of transforming revelation that allows great healing to aspire.
“I have worked with Tom for just about a year, he has the gift of being a healer’s healer. He has lead me safely and gently thru some of my darkest places, always bringing in the light.”
C., New York

“You are answering all the questions I have had all my life.”
S., New York

“Incredible reading. I’m speechless. Now I know I’m on the right track. Thank you so much. I just finished reading your books, too. They’re the best ever.”
D., Israel

“You are the most inspirational astrologer. Because of your work I actually understand what my north node is asking, and it seems I may go beyond just hearing the call … Thank you!”
M., San Diego

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