How A Soul Understands Suicide

How A Soul Understands Suicide

Some of this section on how a soul understands suicide comes straight from A.M. Djehuty, a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin, Hermes. See the Resources page for links to 6 books I’ve channeled from that being, as well as numerous channeled mp3s including energy work sessions.

If a soul is not possibly damaged by its human’s choices, then suicide cannot harm the soul. A human cannot offend or upset his or her soul, as soul is a portion of All That Is, or Divine Consciousness, observing the ups and downs of the human life, learning the whole time about what it’s like to be human.

Suicide from the soul’s position is an expression of human free will. At the time of a suicide, the soul would already have been watching since birth all of the issues with which the person has been dealing. All of the emotional, psychological, and physical issues have been tracked as part of the soul’s learning about what it’s like to be human: trauma, abuse, depressiveness, anxiety, regret, guilt, shame, debilitation, abandonment, and all the rest.

The soul is not upset when its human commits suicide. To read this might for some cause sadness because many humans have been conditioned to hope that there is a powerful force external to the self who can save them from themselves. If a person has made what look like errors and missteps, causing significant and/or repeated harm to self and other, he or she might lose trust in the self and hope and pray that someone or something out there is looking out for him or her. It is also true that some of your religious teachings hold that your soul must be saved in order to go to Heaven and avoid Hell or Purgatory, though this teaching is meant to inspire fear and dread in you so that you do not go against what those forming and running the religion tell you to do. They don’t know anything about what a soul is! They are trying to create and maintain community so that people can feel safe together, organized or huddled around shared values and missions. So there is value to them, but do not listen to what they teach about soul.

As an act of human free will, the soul understands it as one option available to humans. The more important point for you to understand is that the human the whole time throughout the life has been watching circumstances of the person’s life and his or her beliefs about those circumstances interweave and feed off of each other. Because when most people who take their own lives get to the point of actually doing it, they have gone through a process of giving up on themselves, others, life, the world, their families, God/Goddess – everything. As painful as that process is, the soul learns about what it means to be human when you feel alone, when you feel you have no options, and when believe you are an awful person who can’t make it on Earth or who doesn’t deserve to live, etc. The soul is all the time watching its humans’ beliefs be inspired by real-world circumstances and is learning through the humans’ perceptions about what it chose to be born to learn.

Now, the soul knows everything that a newly departed spirit learns during the orientation process. The soul watched the human confront the difficulties and painful situations and relationships that may have contributed to the human’s decision to end his or her life. The soul understood the point of all of those situations and dynamics within and outside its human. As the human consciousness or spirit goes through the orientation process, he or she gets closer to the wisdom of soul and learns and integrates what his or her soul already knows.

The soul is, therefore, not surprised – ever –  when one of its humans kill him- or herself. As it has observed and learned from that human life in its entirety, it can’t be surprised by anything. But also keep in mind that the difficult scenarios the human goes through during that life have been in a way intended by the soul, and have been orchestrated and organized by soul. The point is not that the human should or must suffer, but that the human have sufficient stimulation to go into pain so that he or she can learn to progress and evolve into love (even when painful things continue to happen). The soul knows at the outset that pain, suffering, grief, loss, despair, and all other negative and disheartening emotions are part of living a human life. The soul is, in fact, counting on the fact that its human selves will experience all of them now and then so that All That Is can learn what it means to be human.

The soul checks off its list of possible human experiences suicide when one of its human selves does it. “Oh,” it essentially remarks to itself, which is All That Is, “when a human feels painted into a corner and perceives he or she has no support, or is in debt that feels crushing, or feels deep and great shame or guilt, or has been put through much trauma and abuse so that he or she feels recovery is impossible, that’s what it feels like. And when he or she doesn’t believe things can get better, that’s what it’s like to live through it. That’s what it’s like when a human loses hope that things can change for the better, that help can be found, that he or she is worth love, safety, and support. Check — got it.”

The soul is, basically, a kind of scientist on a mission of learning. Some people wonder why their souls don’t intervene in their lives when crisis is brewing or blowing up in their faces, and I hope this material has been useful in explaining to you what soul is, how it functions, and how your life and choices affect it.

A Note
For those of you who find this vision of soul disheartening, please understand that it is meant to empower you as you can learn from it the power you have and can exercise: You can learn to go from identifying with pain and fear (and their related energies) to identifying with compassion and acceptance (and their related energies). You can make peace with the circumstances of your life as part of a vast learning journey. You can accept that difficult times are part of life, and that the real reason for them has nothing to do with deserving punishment or not deserving love and support.

It is not that your soul doesn’t care about you, though it may sound this way from my description of the soul as a kind of scientist watching you go through tough times and try to deal with things.

It desires to learn about what it’s like to live a human life, yes, but it also loves all the other souls that comprise All That Is. It loves all the rest of the souls entirely and completely – they all love each other in this way.

Important effects that humans have on each other are often set up by soul-level agreements, sometimes called soul contracts. As each soul sets its human selves on the path of trying to figure out how to go from fear into love, and as each soul knows it can’t learn what it needs to learn alone, soul-level agreements are formed that result in humans affecting each other in all manner of ways. Again, the souls know that pain and suffering are parts of life on Earth, and they love each other enough to provide each other opportunities to go into fear, etc., and emerge into love, etc. In other words, souls can agree to, as humans, hurt each other so that each has the chance to go from pain and fear into love and compassion.

So, it’s not that your soul doesn’t care about you. But it simultaneously cares so much that all the other souls have the experiences they need to learn how to become the source of love for themselves and that you have a wide variety of experiences toward the same end, that it’s mission is not about protecting or shielding you from pain or preventing you from going through difficult times. Those are part and parcel of the human journey.

Thank you.

A.M. Djehuty

Note: As much of this section was channeled, I signed the end as Djehuty ends all channeled material he offers through me. He thanks us for our attention and interest, our willingness to engage with him in order to learn along our evolutionary paths.

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