Download 22 Channeled Energy-work mp3s to Clear, Stabilize, and Evolve

I invite you to download the 22 channeled energy work meditations I’ve made available to all. I have too much to do to collect the feedback, but I’m getting awesome reflections from people each week thus far since making them free.

Briefly, the main idea is that you have the opportunity to connect with the frequencies of two beings I channel, Ascended Master Djehuty (Hermes, Thoth, St Germain, Merlin) and Archangel Metatron.

When you do, you can calibrate yourself over time to a new baseline vibration. Really what they do is begin to clear old energies that clog you up, make you doubt/judge/shame yourself, and more.

Each begins with a grounding exercise and is around 20 minutes in duration. You can listen to them in any order, put then on shuffle–anything goes. There are no rules or specific protocols. The idea is to get repeated, brief exposure to the vibrations they carry and opt into being willing to be affected by them.

Going forward, I want as many people as are willing to download and use them–feel free to share this link far and wide. There’s such a benefit from beginning to clear excess, dull, old, stagnant energy that can keep us stuck and/or giving into fear.

Download here for free. From that page you can listen to one or all and download some individually, or download the whole set (over 7 hours) at once.

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