How will I make it through this?

Whatever the painful topic, however long it’s been going on, there’s a reason it’s happening.

The reason is never about causing you pain or suffering, but has to do with learning that your soul has set out for you.

As you’ll read in the text on this site, every soul sends its human selves to Earth to learn how to be human. Pain and difficulty are part of that process, and the soul knows that you as a human will be challenged and confronted at times, sometimes for years or decades at a time.

So how can you deal with it?

First, see if you’re willing to accept that it’s happening for a reason. If you’re not willing, or part of you loudly is not willing, listen to and catalogue all that this part of you has to say.

Write all of it down, giving voice to this pain, anger, resentment, powerlessness—however you might describe the feeling.

Second, know that it’s temporary. To be blunt, it will happen until you turn a corner with the learning that has been set out for you.

A good way to work with this is to get into that narrative of the unhappy, pained part(s) of you mentioned above. Look at what has been said/written by that part of you as an expression of pain, yes, but also seek to see the beliefs entangled with that pain.

When you listen, the part of you feels heard and validated. Then you can change the belief that’s attached to the emotion that part carries.

But in the end, it’s all about validating that you feel what you feel, and then changing your mind about why the painful or difficult situation is happening.

Specific reasons about your situation can be discerned in sessions with me as I channel your spirit guides and Hermes (a.k.a. Djehuty, Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) while I work with your birth chart and read your energy field.

But the basic truth is that the painful thing is happening in your life because you are being challenged to learn to grow from fear, pain, anger, etc., into love, compassion, acceptance, etc. That’s the core of the human journey.

So how will you make it through this? You’ll choose to stay present, feel your feelings, listen to what hurts, know that’s temporary, and remember that all things are in your life to push you into fear, etc., so you can learn to progress into love, etc.

The Pluto Intensive: September 26-29, 2019 in Sedona

In late September I’ll facilitate a small-group healing intensive to unearth, bring light to, and resolve the deepest Plutonian issues. The Pluto Intensive will meet in Sedona, AZ from Oct. 25-28, 2018 at the Bell Rock Inn.

Plutonian issues include anger/rage, grief, resentment, sorrow, depressiveness, fear, anxiety, powerlessness, despair, and more. Essentially, anything that seems to threaten to overwhelm us due to intensity, or or anything that makes us afraid of who we are or could turn out to be.

As explored on this site, all emotional issues can be healed, even those that tempt or seem to push us toward suicide. The Pluto Intensive will include deep energy work to clear emotional debris, and I’ll teach you all the tools I’ve learned to work with parts of us who do not have or who lose hope.

The truth is that feeling such emotions is part of being human — there’s nothing wrong with you if you feel them. The trick is to learn not to get stuck in them while effectively dealing with them.

And part of that is in learning to find the inner strength to do so. During the intensive I’ll help you find that part of you.

You don’t need to know a lot of astrology to benefit in major ways. I’ll be using attendees’ charts, but the point will be unearthing, healing, and clearing the painful past, not astrological education.

Be in touch with questions. As of May 8, 2019, the intensive has 5 spots open.

First Post: What to Expect in This Space

This site’s articles contain a single story told over several pages. Beginning with the Introduction, each successive page is linked at the bottom of what you’re reading. The Article list in the main menu reflects this order, too.

In this space I’ll be posting content and thoughts related to the themes of the site, including especially about soul and how to deal with difficult emotional issues explored on the site.

At times I’ll also share parts of my own story of dealing with despair, hopelessness, and feeling that life isn’t worth living. It may at times be a bit of a “Dear Diary” situation, but instead of being a space for my healing, it’ll be some stories on how I worked through some of the most difficult life issues and psychological/emotional hurdles over the years.

In my work, I’ve been guided to get personal. There are times when I wince at what I’m about to share because it’s so very, deeply personal. But with this kind of subject matter, it’s not about words, ideas, talking – it’s about the heart. What I can share with you anecdotally in this blog may help you parse and put into play in your life some of the healing strategies I mention in How Can We Prevent Suicide?

On the site, you’ll see a number of images of tunnels. You might have guessed that this is about the light at the end of the tunnel, which it is, at least in part. The other bit about it is that when we feel there’s no hope and believe that death is the only way out, we’re wrong. We can feel overwhelmed, falling into a belief trap that there’s no way out. But there is – there’s actually light at the end of your current tunnel. And you can learn to work with where you are so you can progress toward it, leaving behind the idea that death is the answer.

My main message with this site is to teach you that you don’t have to die to experience major release from the pain and despair you might be experiencing. All things can be healed … and we just have to learn how.

As you’ll explore on the site, I teach that there are numerous ways to begin to heal from despair and hopelessness, and future blog posts will offer perspectives on putting them into play in real life.

Stay tuned to this space for periodic updates, and explore the Resources page to learn about channeled energy work mp3s and books that can support you in your process. You can also check out the Consultations page on my main site for information on working with me.