Welcome. I’ve created this site to offer perspectives on suicide and soul that my clients and students have found helpful over the years. Much of my work as an astrologer, medium, channel, and healer has called for working with disembodied beings to gain views on various topics that are outside the normal scope of our human minds’ understanding. In other words, to get info that can help me and others get out of ruts caused by our minds, I’ve reached out often to beings who have teachings meant to help us heal and evolve.  Continue reading“INTRODUCTION” →

How will I make it through this?

Whatever the painful topic, however long it’s been going on, there’s a reason it’s happening. The reason is never about causing you pain or suffering, but has to do with learning that your soul has set out for you. As you’ll read in the text on this site, every soul sends its human selves to … Continue reading “How will I make it through this?”

The Pluto Intensive: September 26-29, 2019 in Sedona

In late September I’ll facilitate a small-group healing intensive to unearth, bring light to, and resolve the deepest Plutonian issues. The Pluto Intensive will meet in Sedona, AZ from Oct. 25-28, 2018 at the Bell Rock Inn. Plutonian issues include anger/rage, grief, resentment, sorrow, depressiveness, fear, anxiety, powerlessness, despair, and more. Essentially, anything that seems … Continue reading “The Pluto Intensive: September 26-29, 2019 in Sedona”

Why don’t we talk about suicide?

First, it’s painful. It hurts to think about because it makes us feel about it, too. Second, we don’t know how to talk about something so painful that we don’t know how to heal. We don’t know how to make it better, and that makes it overwhelming to hold in conscious awareness with open eyes, … Continue reading “Why don’t we talk about suicide?”

The Most Powerful Way I Deal With Negative Emotions

Here’s a key to how I deal with my negative emotions: I stop feeding them. It’s a huge topic, but I’ll write just a bit on it here today. Again and again I’ve had the brick wall of reality hitting my face when it comes to how certain eating patterns stoke the fires of unhappiness, … Continue reading “The Most Powerful Way I Deal With Negative Emotions”

First Post: What to Expect in This Space

This site’s articles contain a single story told over several pages. Beginning with the Introduction, each successive page is linked at the bottom of what you’re reading. The Article list in the main menu reflects this order, too. In this space I’ll be posting content and thoughts related to the themes of the site, including … Continue reading “First Post: What to Expect in This Space”